Galway was fantastic. Both the city and the actual club. The Roisin Dubh was the name of the club and the audience of a little more than 200 was great. It was one of those nights where some partying would have been in order, but I just couldn’t do it. I needed sleep. 11 hours of it. After that i felt a lot better and after a walk through Galway with Helena it was time to head back to Dublin.
Yesterday i did two gigs and they were both real good. Tried a lot of new stuff that worked fine and generally felt relaxed and good. I love it here. Absolutely love it. I just might stay.
Tonight it’s time for what I understand to be the most renowned club in Ireland. It’s tiny, without a microphone and I’m only doing 12 minutes, but they all say this is where you need to be in this country. So I am. Wish me luck.