June 2015

Kung Fury and stuff.

By |4 June 2015|

Been a while since I posted something on the blog, but here we go:

I’m really happy to be a (small) part of the Swedish internet sensation Kung Fury. It’s a 30 minute short film that was created by David Sandberg who also stars in the movie. As I’m writing this it’s been online for  a […]

August 2014

The Game Plan (new special etc)

By |5 August 2014|

Due to a massive tour in Sweden and some personal stuff I haven’t been able to work much in english lately but that’s about to change. Just thought I’d give you a quick update on what’s going on. I’ll be recording a special consisting of stuff from my two Edinburgh Fringe shows and when that’s […]

January 2014

Latest Trip.

By |13 January 2014|

The idea was a trip to Kenya and Tanzania to read, write and do research for the big project I call life, all while giving Lina and Helena a chance to see some wild animals before they’re extinct. The black rhino is almost gone. So is the leopard and hundreds of other less […]

May 2013

They wanted me to be in the Eurovision Song Contest.

By |13 May 2013|

Eurovision Song Contest is back in Sweden again. We can’t seem to win that thing enough, can we? Anyway, I was just thinking…
Now that we have it (again) wouldn’t it be great if we used it to, you know, tell some of the countries in it that they’re assholes?
I mean both Russia, Turkey and Israel […]

December 2012

Happy new year!

By |31 December 2012|

2012 was a horrible year for me on a personal level, possibly the worst ever. But let’s not dwell on that and focus on work where it was one of the best. After a well deserved vacation in january I ended my 4th tour of scandinavia and released my 6th comedy special. At the same […]

December 2012


By |27 December 2012|

A list of movies, compiled by decade, to watch during the holidays. Based on my preferences and what’s available on Netflix, Headweb, iTunes and my DVD-shelf. Compiling the list i realized the 80ies was a totally retarded decade when it came to movies and that I’m not much for comedies. 100’s should be added of […]

September 2012

A bit I did about the porntrial.

By |29 September 2012|

The #porntrial took up a lot of my time this summer, just because it was such a strange story with so many implications. It doesn’t seem to have been a big story here and maybe not even in The UK if you disregard the “twitter elite.” Anyway, check the story out. It’s far more interesting […]


By |28 September 2012|

Finally got around to filming one of my gigs. The gig was in Stockholm in front of an audience of mainly swedes wich is always a bit weird but it was still fun. Did a short version of my take on Assange. If you want to read more about the legal stuff regarding that I […]

August 2012

My Fringe is over!

By |27 August 2012|

It’s kind of sad to see the Fringe being packed up. Some shows are still running but most of us had our last gig yesterday so signs and posters are being taken down and venues are closing. It’s been a blast this year! Met a lot of old and new friends, had a run of […]

My Fringe so far… (reviews and tv)

By |11 August 2012|

I’m now about halfway through the Edinburgh Fringe and after an initial incident with an absolutely inhabitable flat and a move to another one I’m enjoying it very much. That may well have to do with the fact that I decided to pace myself a bit this time around. Not partying quite as hard as […]