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Tuesday December 8  2009
The Pogues

We came to Dublin sunday night and just happened walk past a theatre where The Pogues was playing. What better way to get to know a bit of Irish culture than to see them? We did. It was awesome. But also tragic. I mean, I know he’s a drunk. But I had no idea it was that bad. He had to be led on and off stage. He left several times when other guys was doing the lead singing to go backstage. I would have wanted to see what went on back there. But given the fact that he had to use the microphonestand for a crutch most of the time and slurted a lot of the words i guess it was not pretty. Even so, a great show with a lot of mixed feelings. I was enjoying myself most of the time, but once in a while i felt “Hey, I’m actually helping killing this man. This is no good.”
My computer broke down yesterday and on top of that i left my notebook with all my english stuff at home, so right now I don’t have a single line written down that I can use tonight. And that’s a after spending a couple of week trying to supress old stuff in favour of new. Somehow I have to reverse that… 2 gigs tonight. And a radio interview in about an hour.
Leaving for Galway tomorrow and hopefully my computer will be fixed by then. Right now there won’t be much e-mailing or facebooking at all. Twitter might get updated, but that’s just about it.