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Wednesday December 9  2009
Lost my Dublin virginity

The interview yesterday was pretty good. They said it would be availible as a podcast, but I can’t find it. Maybe it’s not up yet. Anyway, here is where you look: http://dublincityfm.ie/
The first gig yesterday got cancelled. No people showed up. Aparently the recession has hit the Dublin comedy scene hard and many of them are struggling to even get an audience. Not so at my second gig. It had a decent crowd in a nice little room and I was headlining with a 20 minute set. Felt really good, even though I was tired enough to almost fall down. I still managed to pull it off reasonably well and I did a lot of new and improvised stuff.
In about 30 minutes my manager will pick med and Helena up to drive us to Galway. The scenery on the way there is suposed to be fantastic. Looking forward to it.