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Friday October 29  2010
Me, in spanish

Had a great time in Dublin and London. Solo shows in Dublin were sold out and crowd was great. Gonna do that show once more, in London and then I’m gonna start working on a new hour. Same goes for Scandinavia, where my tour ends in about 6 weeks. It will be a pleasant experience to work on the same material in english as in swedish and not jump back and forth between the two as I’ve been doing the past year. My aim is to have a new hour in english by the beginning of march. We’ll see how it goes.
Anyway, I got a clip of my swedish stuff that somebody subtitled in spanish, so I thought I’d post it. No idea if it’s accurate since my spanish is limited to order a beer and ask for the bathroom. But here it is and here is a long text from the person that posted it (that I don’t understand either)