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Saturday August 11  2012
My Fringe so far… (reviews and tv)

I’m now about halfway through the Edinburgh Fringe and after an initial incident with an absolutely inhabitable flat and a move to another one I’m enjoying it very much. That may well have to do with the fact that I decided to pace myself a bit this time around. Not partying quite as hard as last time I was over and above all, not do nearly as many gigs. Last time I was over I did 60 gigs in 3 weeks and it led to a serious meltdown. This year I’m focusing on my own solo show and just doing the odd extra gig.
Turnouts for my show has been ok. I think everybody apart from some of the really huge names are struggling this year. Might be the olympics, might be recession or it just might be that there is so bloody much good comedy around that the people here just won’t be enough for everybody. I’ve sure had my fair share though, so I’m happy. Happy with the reviews too. I usually don’t care much for reviews and especially not in Sweden where I, to be honest, don’t need them at all and they’re almost always written by somebody who don’t know comedy. At all. Even if I did need them in Sweden they wouldn’t do me much good anyway since by the time they’re published I’m usually in the next city. The Fringe is a different story. Here you need your reviews to get people in. And I’ve been getting a bunch!
I got 3 stars from Broadway Baby saying i need more structure. Can’t argue with that. If structure is your thing. It’s not mine.
The Skinny gave me 4 stars and told people “A great chance to see a genuinely fantastic comedian in an intimate setting. Raise your expectations.” Thank you very much!
Another 4 star review from The Edinburgh Fringe Show said “Fans of jokes about coffee shops, dogs with funny noses, and cats climbing into boxes are going to squirm in their seats, for everyone else who wants a bit of bite, there’s Magnus Betner.”
And The List said “Betnér may not be a bundle of joy, but his comedy is among the sharpest and most vital on the Fringe.” in their 4 star review. I’m a bundle of joy, am I not? I’m sure enjoying myself at the Fringe, that’s for sure. Been taking Lina to a few shows and to see some street performers. She loves it. If you have a kid at the Fringe and haven’t seen The Amazing Bubble Show it’s well worth a visit. Guess we’ll be doing more of that stuff so if you’re in town and in need for stuff to do with kids, stay tuned to my twitter.
Oh, and my gig tomorrow will be filmed by the BBC for some feature that airs on BBC2 Fri 17th at 11pm if you wanna check that out.
That’s all for now!
Had a couple of really nice days celebrating my birthday with my parents and a friend who flew over from Sweden to surprise me. Very nice! Just wanted to update this with the latest links. The BBC thing was good people say, I haven’t watched it but if you want to, do it here.
And I got another nice review today. 4 stars from The Arts Desk who said “Honest, unsettling, and at times brilliantly observed, this is comedy as catharsis”