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Monday August 27  2012
My Fringe is over!

It’s kind of sad to see the Fringe being packed up. Some shows are still running but most of us had our last gig yesterday so signs and posters are being taken down and venues are closing. It’s been a blast this year! Met a lot of old and new friends, had a run of nice shows and managed to get a bunch of nice reviews. Also got to see a few really good shows this time around. Eddie Pepitone was fantastic and so was Stewart Lee. In all a wonderful experience though it was a tiring one. My final tally this time is 30 gigs in 24 days. About half of what I did last time I was over, but a more reasonable amount for somebody my age I think…
I also got to try the Setlist Show wich was a great experience. As you take the stage you get a list of topics that you don’t know before the show and you have to pretend that’s your normal setlist for your normal show. Fucking scary to do that in english. But I think I pulled it off. Would love to do that one again.
Thanks everybody who came to my shows and of course big thanks to Assembly Rooms and The Stand Comedy Club. Best people in the business!
My plan was to film my gigs and put some new stuff on youtube, but as I’m a lazy fuck that didn’t happen. Will probably be doing some gigs in London early september and if I do that, I’ll be sure to bring my camera. Promise.
Oh, also go one last review from The Independent. The Lou Reed of comedy they say. I’m not even sure what that means. But tx, I guess.
Hope to be back at the Fringe next year with a new show. Until then I’m gonna try and tour as much as possible in the UK. Probably doing a run of solo shows in London in october and other stuff will be added too but the few dates that are definite for now are here.
Only one last thing to do here in Edinburgh after we pack our stuff up and that’s go over to The Stand for a wrap-up party and help them drink all their booze.