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Monday December 31  2012
Happy new year!

2012 was a horrible year for me on a personal level, possibly the worst ever. But let’s not dwell on that and focus on work where it was one of the best. After a well deserved vacation in january I ended my 4th tour of scandinavia and released my 6th comedy special. At the same time I had my own tv show that was awarded Sweden’s most prestigious tv award. And then got cancelled. I think that’s a first. Anyway, I really enjoyed doing it but doing tv for a couple of months also ment I didn’t do quite as many shows as I normally do. 166 gigs in 9 countries was this years tally and about half of those was in english.
I had so many fun gigs last year it’s hard to choose the highlights, but as far as gigs in english go the Edinburgh Fringe and a trip to Canada would probably my top choices. I wrote about those experiences in a couple of earlier posts: Edinburgh I Edinburgh II and Canada. During Edinburgh I also had one of my smallest audiences ever as I did a gig with 6 people in the audience. I also had my biggest audience ever, since I was featured on some BBC-show that people said had 18 million viewers. Twice the population of Sweden. Pretty cool. Back in Sweden I also had my largest live audience when I did a christmas gig to some 15 000 people.
Not much is planned for next year but I’m gonna try to go abroad as much as I can and hopefully add some new countries to my visited list. I’m still not up to half the countries of the world and I really need to get there before I die. I also plan to go on my 5th tour of Scandinavia and with a little luck I will also release my first special in english. Anyway, thanks everybody who came to my shows and thank you everyone who saw me on tv or downloaded my special. I really appreciate it!
Happy new year!