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Tuesday August 5  2014
The Game Plan (new special etc)

Due to a massive tour in Sweden and some personal stuff I haven’t been able to work much in english lately but that’s about to change. Just thought I’d give you a quick update on what’s going on. I’ll be recording a special consisting of stuff from my two Edinburgh Fringe shows and when that’s done I’ll start writing a new hour while touring clubs all over Europe 2015. The plan is to do the Fringe again next august with a brand new show.

To start with I’m going to London to do 3 solo shows (sept 15-17) as a warmup for recording the special in Tallinn on september 19. The London Shows will also be mostly stuff I’ve done before and I suspect all 3 nights will be quite different from one another. Tickets and info here. Also doing a gig in Helsinki and a festival in Slovenia in August. Info on all of those is in the calendar. Oh, and I’m also doing Set List Show in Edinburgh this weekend. It’s usually a lot of fun even though I don’t get to do much of my normal stuff. You should check it out if you ever get a chance, regardless of who is on the bill.
Also, I’m very excited about having signed with Mick Perrin and have the lovely people there to look after me while abroad. Contact them if you wanna book me for anything outside Scandinavia.
That’s all for now, I guess.

I’ll be at Lowlands Festival outside Amsterdam this sunday. Also added one gig in Slovenia on aug 23d and I’ve been invited to Canada to do solo shows and roast Ron Jeremy in november. Very much looking forward to all this and I’ll give you more details on the roast when I have them.