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Thursday June 4  2015
Kung Fury and stuff

Been a while since I posted something on the blog, but here we go:
I’m really happy to be a (small) part of the Swedish internet sensation Kung Fury. It’s a 30 minute short film that was created by David Sandberg who also stars in the movie. As I’m writing this it’s been online for a few days and is already over 12 million views! If you want to support the gang behind it, go here and buy a download or some merch: http://www.kungfury.com/ (I’m not making any money, but I love the thing.)

If you DO however want to make me some money you can just watch my full special, released only on youtube. I pasted it at the bottom of this post for your convenience. I’m pretty happy about that one too… And if you want to check out more clips of me in english there are lots here.
Finally, another thing I’m real happy about is that the roast of Ron Jeremy I took part in some six months ago if FINALLY BEING RELEASED! Yes sir! You’re gonna be able to stream it and buy downloads of that real soon over at Toofar.tv check it out, bookmark and follow me on Twitter and the like for more info when I have it.